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Large Format Cyclorama

Enhance Stage Productions with Stage Works’ Cyclorama Solutions

At Stage Works, we specialize in providing innovative large format cyclorama solutions designed to elevate the visual experience of any stage production.

Matt White Fix Frame Cyclorama Screen:
Our high-gain cyclorama screen is ideal for slide and film projection in multipurpose auditoriums. It offers exceptional clarity for color washes and pattern projections during stage performances. Cyclorama lights can be precisely directed onto the screen from above, while moving heads on the first intelligent bar provide dynamic pattern and depth.

High-Gain Front Projection Screens:
We offer two types of high-gain front projection screens tailored to meet diverse audio and visual requirements:

  • Acoustical Screen: This micro-perforated screen allows speakers to be positioned behind it, ensuring clear sound transmission without distortion. It features a four-inch black masking border on all sides, making it perfect for auditoriums and performance spaces where high-definition visuals and pristine audio are essential.
  • Non-Perforated Screens: Designed for scenarios where speakers are placed in front of the screen, these screens also feature a four-inch black masking border for a sharp, professional appearance. They are crafted from HD fabric material optimized for DLP and LCD cinema projectors, offering high contrast and superior washability with mild soap and water.

Expert Acoustics Solutions:
At Stage Works, we are committed to delivering top-quality products and expert advice to enhance acoustics in auditoriums, performance spaces, and large venues. Our acoustical solutions ensure the best sound experience in any environment.

For more information about our comprehensive range of cyclorama solutions and expert acoustics services, please contact Stage Works. Let us help you transform your stage productions with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise.

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