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Austrian Crushed Silk Motorized Uplift Balloon Stage Curtain


Our Austrian Crushed Silk Stage Motorized Uplift Balloon Curtain is designed to add elegance and functionality to any performance space. This sophisticated curtain system combines aesthetic appeal with modern engineering to enhance stage presentations.


The Austrian Crushed Silk Curtain is constructed using multiple fabric panels joined together vertically, forming a seamless piece. It can feature up to 200% horizontal fullness, depending on the chosen fabric, which gives a rich, luxurious appearance.


  • Lift Mechanism: The curtain operates through multiple lift lines, which are fed through rings sewn at regular intervals along the vertical seams.
  • Motorized System: These draw lines are connected to the bottom of the curtain and are controlled by a motorized system, allowing smooth and precise lifting.


  • Elegant Appearance: The crushed silk fabric adds a sophisticated texture and depth to the stage.
  • Customizable Fullness: Adjust the horizontal fullness for the desired aesthetic effect.
  • Smooth Operation: The motorized uplift mechanism ensures reliable and effortless operation.

Scope of Service:

  • Design Consultation: We work with you to design a curtain that fits your specific aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Installation: Our expert team ensures precise installation for optimal performance.
  • Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance services to keep your curtain in perfect condition.


  • Theaters
  • Concert Halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Multi-purpose Performance Spaces

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact us at +919015060000, 18002006000,

Product Catalog Brief:

Austrian Crushed Silk Stage Motorized Uplift Balloon Curtain

MaterialMultiple fabric panels of crushed silk
FullnessUp to 200% horizontal fullness
Lift MechanismMultiple lift lines fed through sewn rings
OperationMotorized uplift mechanism
CustomizationDesigned to fit specific aesthetic and functional requirements
InstallationProfessional installation services
MaintenanceOngoing maintenance services available
ApplicationsTheaters, Concert Halls, Auditoriums, Multi-purpose Performance Spaces
Contact+919015060000, 18002006000,

For additional details or to schedule a consultation, please reach out to us.

Contact Details: +919015060000, 18002006000,

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